When Spanish architect, Ricardo Bofill, stumbled across an abandoned WW1 cement factory in 1973, he didn’t see its decrepit state, he saw possibilities.

Shortly after Ricardo laid eyes upon the majestic, dilapidated factory in Barcelona, he and his team purchased it and began restoring and transforming it into his new home.

The factory, named La fábrica, is an ode to creativity and is sure to make any good architect weak at the knees. Enveloped with vegetation and filled with modern furnishing, Ricardo’s home is an impressive hybrid of industrial structure and modernity.

Detailing his restoration story on his website, Ricardo writes that he was seduced by the contradictions and ambiguity of the place. “We quickly decided to retain the factory, and modifying its original brutality, sculpt it like a work of art.

“The factory is a magic place which strange atmosphere is difficult to be perceived by a profane eye. I like the life to be perfectly programmed here, ritualised, in total contrast with my turbulent nomad life.”

Magic is an understatement. Shared between Ricardo’s family and his architectural team, each room showcases breathtaking design elements and no two rooms are the same.

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