Upping sticks and moving to the country isn't just good for your bank balance. A new study has found rural life is also beneficial for your mental health too with country dwellers feeling happier, healthier and less stressed.

Estate agency Yopa polled homeowners across the UK to find out whether urban or rural residents lived in the best location.

31 per cent of people who live in the country consider themselves 'mostly happy' compared to only 25 per cent of city inhabitants. And 18 per cent of people who live in the city admit to being 'constantly' stressed compared to around one in six country dwellers.

Urban residents were also more likely to be worried about crime and air pollution than their country counterparts, along with the quality of schools and finding a safe, outside space for their children to play.

The biggest rural bugbears include poor public transport and feeling isolated. But on the upside, those living in the country spend less time commuting, a smaller percentage of their income on housing, and are more likely to know the names of their neighbours than city dwellers.

It’s no surprise then that three quarters of people living in cities said they’d jump at the chance of moving out to the sticks. The top reasons holding people back are concerns about the cost of commuting back into town (32 per cent), not knowing where to move to (28 per cent), and the time spent commuting (26 per cent) along with vibrant nightlife, good public transport and a wide choice of work.

To help Londoners find happiness outside of the capital, but without having to sacrifice their jobs and salaries, Yopa created the London Commuter Guide, which helps identify the most affordable and accessible places to buy a home outside of the M25. They say St Albans, Luton and Birmingham are the best commuter towns for 2019.

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